Why we overeat…?

It is very common to hear nowadays from clients:

‘I always buy Gluten Free, Organic, Dairy free food from the supermarket for my lunch break….’

The truth is, if you are not dairy or gluten intolerance, you don’t need to buy Free From Products. And you are only gluten, wheat and diary intolerance, when you are diagnosed by your doctor, not a self diagnose!

When we go to the shop, there are big labels saying: ORGANIC or OVEN BAKED, not fried or GUILT FREE. It is so easy to get tempted, because we straight away relate them to healthy option, which is not wrong. BUT! that doesn’t mean they are calorie free. Normally, dairy free or any Free From products use a substitute to replace any of the ingredients which is taken out. Most likely this substitute is high in calories: sugar and fat.

READ the Label. Often we overeat these Free From products thinking that they are not only healthy, but also thinking that we won’t put-on weight.


Another supermarket hack is own you reach the till, you can see another label, which says ‘Take a Break’…. How easy was that to scan that chocolate bar while you were scanning Free From Chicken sandwich with an orange juice? Not much I guess. Here are extra 250 kcal to your day.

Again, supermarkets don’t think about your health, they think about profit and how to sell their products. Don’t get caught by the marketing, read the labels and eat real food.


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