Why we know, but never chose to go healthy..?

We all know, but we prefer not to go healthy…?


If I come with you to the super market and I ask you to chose all the healthy options, I am 100 % sure that you would do it without any doubt.


But the question is why don’t always chose the healthy options and why always stop on ice cream section or the biscuits isle?


Here are few reasons why:

  • The biggest problem is our environment or people we are surrounded – you go to work and your colleagues offer you a piece of cake at 11.00 (200-300 kcal), then another colleague offers you few biscuits at 16.00 (200-300 kcal), then you have your dinner and you fancy something sweet (200-300kcal). These are extra 900-1000 kcal a day. Have you thought about it? You better do.


  • People thing eating healthy is boring – No. It’s not boring. Healthy eating is not about chicken and broccoli, there are so may healthy options you can find in your local super market.


  • Learn to say No – learn to say No when everyone is drinking pints of beers at the pub. If you have lemonade or a diet coke, it’s not end of the world. You save yourself few calories.


  • Commitment – not everyone likes to commit to prepare their food or try to find the best and healthiest option, most of the time we just go with what is convenient without even thinking what we consume.



Much love,

Selver xx