Why Should Women Lift Weights?

I want to give all the credits to Mark Coles who put together a great article Why Should Women Lift Weights. And here you can see what Mark Says:

  • Stronger bones and connective tissue – lifting weights is load bearing exercise which helps strengthen your bones. Maintaining strong and healthy bones lowers your risk of osteoporosis.
  • Lifting weights increases EPOC (Excessive post exercise oxygen consumption) – Your body always likes to return to a state of natural balance after anything that it does, this is called homeostasis. When you lift weights your body has to work very hard to bring you back to balance. This extra energy required burns calories for many more hours after your session.
  • Your metabolic rate will increase – For every pound of lean muscle mass you gain you burn an extra 50 calories per day.


  • Increase your self confidence – I’m yet to come across a woman you hasn’t felt 100% better in herself from uncovering the body of her dreams. The benefits of increased self confidence carries over into your relationships not just the ones with your friends but also with your loved ones.


  • When women lifts weights regularly they tell me that they feel empowered, stronger and so much sexier. They feel amazing and have a completely different perspective on life.
  • The difference in women that change their body shape through strength training over weight loss and hours doing conventional cardio is night and day.


All the article above belongs to Mark Coles, here you can follow the link and read his full article:


Thanks Mark for the great article, hope many women will get encouraged to lift more weights.

One of the points at Fitness Reload I try to educate my clients, Do not be afraid to lift weight. So far, non of my clients has become bigger than Arnold 🙂


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