Why I have launched a Glutes E-book…?

Only few weeks ago laughed my Glutes and Legs e-book, which you can download on my website or follow the link below:

Checkout page

There are many programs, many e-books on social media, on internet which you can access them for free. But many people who follow me have been asking about legs and glutes program. So, I have been slowly working on it and finally decided to make it happen. I have transformed many legs and glutes and this how I have been known at my work place, I know what it work and what not. I have been coached from one of the best glute building coached in the industry Cem or you can find him on social media as @cemcondition83.

So, I’m sharing my knowledge what I’ve learnt through the years… It is my passion to train legs and glutes with my clients, but when it comes to train my own legs…. oh.Boy! it is a real struggle :):)

So, go to my web site and download the e-book and share the love …:)

Much love,

Selver xx