The Truth about Carbs and Calories

Today I saw a video of Jamie Alderton and I was thinking ‘This is the best and most easiest way to explain the Truth about carbs and calories to the world.’ Thanks Jamie 🙂

Basically, the idea is that: if you eat too much carbs, you will get fat. If you eat too much protein, you will get fat. If you eat too much fat, you will get fat. But! if you eat everything in moderation, you will be fine and you will enjoy life.


This is what I teach all clients at Fitness Reload (@fitnessreload): Do not be afraid to eat carbs! Carbs are not your enemies. But let’s be realistic and eat everything in moderation.

If you don’t know how much carbs to eater how many calories to eat a day, try Google or why don’t you join my team at Fitness Reload (@fitnessreload). If you are in London, come and see me at my work place The Bankside Health Club and get these legs and gluten growing.

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Much love,

Selver xx