The Right Mindset

It’s been more than 3 months since my last blog, but since then I’ve been working hard on my physique and my business.


Only last weekend I did enter another competition Amateur Olympia UK, where I placed 3rd. It’s been my best shape ever and I’m happy with the placing. Sure, there is a lot of room to improve, which made extend my competing season till the end of the year. I will hopefully compete in December in Italy.  But that’s enough with my goals for now.


I want to talk a little bit about the right mindset when it comes to training and dieting.


I know many people who jump in to the wagon of training and eating clean, everyone is so excited with 100% into it. But that only lasts a week. Main reason people find is lack of motivation. Their motivation level drops dramatically. On my opinion there is such thing like a motivation, I believe in setting goals, which are big enough.  Also, discipline is another thing that people have to implement.  You need to learn to be disciplined. Because the pain of disciplined hurts, but the pain of regret last forever.


I have never been perfect with my diet and workout. I was always thinking that I’m doing good… until I get to that point of my life when I set myself higher goals.

Setting higher goals has changed my mindset, because I had only one option: to give my best and to give whatever it takes to get there. So, excuses like to cheat on my diet or cheat my training were not options anymore.


I’m still not perfect, but looking back at time, my mindset is on a different level. I can easily say No to cookies or cakes, because I know this way of eating is not until end of my life, but it’s only for few weeks. I’ve learnt to use food to fuel my training but not to control my life and emotions. I keep my food as simple as possible, makes feel better and my energy level is great.


I don’t except anyone to be like me, but I would encourage you to set higher goals to keep you awake, to give you purpose in life, not only work form 8 to 5 and head to the pub and drink with your male colleagues  who you can’t even stand.

People will judge you whatever you do anyway.


With the same old mindset, you cannot achieve new results.


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