In February this year I looked in the mirror and decided something had to be done. Selver became my personal trainer and I cannot thank her enough. In just a few months I lost a lot of weight, became much fitter and my body is definitely changing shape. I love every one of our training sessions. There are times I really do not feel like going to the gym but I always feel better after the work out. Selver is a hard task master, she pushes me to my limits and has a ‘funny’ way of counting repetitions. It’s usually –‘give me ten, and then it’s ‘come on give me one more, and one more’. But that’s what I love about our workouts. Selver is very supportive, she listens and laughs with you too, so every session is fun. I would have never achieved what I have without her. It was a good day when I met her.

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