Sweeteners. Yes or No?

Today I saw a great video by Phil Learney about sweeteners and just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

I personality use sweeteners every day for my coffee or to sweeten my greek yogurt.

I have read a lot about them, but all studies say that if you are not eating your bodyweight in one day, they will not cause cancer or any other condition.

This is what also Phil Learney says on his video.

Nowadays, we tend to believe in anything we hear or read on social media or TV.

My advise is, trust professionals and people who have years and year of experience in the fitness industry. Avoid using TV /Netflix/ or unknown social media divas to educate yourself about health and fitness.

Here is a link to his video:

Posted by Phil Learney Performance Education on Wednesday, 4 July 2018



I always, every day try to educate my clients at Fitness Reload (@fitnessreload) about food and nutrition. Never recommend sweeteners to any of my clients, if they use them, that’s absolutely fine.


Hope this video will help.

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Much love,

Selver xx