Sugar Addiction?

Sugar Addiction?


I wan to share my opinion of that popular Sugar Addiction.


I don’t think that there is something like a Sugar Addiction.

We all like sugary food just because they are palatable food compared to broccoli and kale. And this is one of the secrets of food producers nowadays: adding sugar in many of the ready cooked meals to make them more palatable, so you can buy them again.


Human’s brain is incredible machine. Here you can see how we respond on diets:

  • Day 1 of your new celebrity diet. Your diet restricts you of eating sugar: sweets, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, fruits high in sugar, etc… You are only allowed to eat green vegetables, not even starchy carbs /rice, potatoes, oats/, lean protein once a day, no dairy products, just because one of the celebrities has lost weight this way and you are ready to full on that diet. Strictly NO SUGAR.
  • Day 2 – your brain knows that you can’t eat sugary food and all you see is cakes and biscuits everywhere. You start getting headaches, because you have dramatically changed your eating routine. You will start to be moody, angry and all you think is that chocolate on the checkout till.
  • Day 3 – Cravings are getting worse. You drink all the black coffee in the world to keep yourself alert.
  • Day 4 – You say enough is enough and you eat a whole cake and a pizza watching Netflix and you go to square 1. Lack of motivation, no results, after that sugar bomb you cannot control yourself anymore and eat everything in front of you.



In a better scenario with my clients:

  • Step 1 – Change eating habits. Increase protein intake in their diet. Do not stop eating starchy carbs, eat them with every meal as well as lean protein. Snack on high protein food. Have few squares of dark chocolate every day, try to chose low sugar fruits /berries are great option/.
  • Step 2 – Avoid buying biscuits, cakes and replace them with yogurt, protein bar or berries. Their response will always be: I really wanted to eat that cookie, it looked so yum, but I’ve managed to say No. At that point my clients still have cravings and they still see cookies everywhere, just because we are human beings and we act with our emotions first.
  • Step 3 – At the end of the week the progress is great, the scales has gone down. For the weekend I might allow few of them to eat ice cream or burger… The response is: No, I don’t want to eat them any more, I don’t want to ruin the hard work.


So, the conclusion is: the more you put barriers in your mind, the more you will crave. But when you have the freedom, it’s not exciting anymore. That’s one of the reasons I hate restricting my clients, but that doesn’t mean they eat burgers, cakes and chocolate every day. I just try to change their eating habits to help them with sugar cravings.

You are not addicted to sugar, your diet is poor in nutrients, lacing of protein, lacking of water and your diet is so restricted.


If eating sugar was addictive, they wouldn’t sell it in the super market for £1. To be honest, I still haven’t seen any drug addictive to replace the drug with sugar.


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