Set Goals!

My first blog this year. Feeling excited about this coming year. So many things I’ve planned to do, but let’s see where the all these will end up.


I guess same as me; you have set your New Year goals. If yes:

  • make sure your goals are realistic
  • write them down – writing my goals or even owing a workout log book has made MASSIVE difference in my life and in my workout routine. Every week I get stronger, it is amazing to see how strong you. So, write everything down: your goals, your plan…


I never owned a notebook or a diary. But December the 5th 2017 when I went to meet Jamie Alderton in Chichester, I have arrived 45 min earlier and I’ve realized that I don’t have anything with me to write. Guess what, the first shop I saw on the high street was Cath Kidson, this probably was the most expensive notebook and pen I owned in my life. But now this notebook and pen never leave my bag and they are part of my daily life. We learn everyday.


After the festive season, after all the food and alcohol consumed, it’s time to get back to normal – setting a daily routine, making a plan how to reach your new goals. Many of my clients have struggled on their first session back at the gym, including me, oooh boy! that was unreal first session! But the next day everything starts to settle. My advise to start your gym routine is:

  • take it easy, don’t rush.
  • don’t spend hours on the treadmill or cross trainer.
  • FOCUS on your nutrition, than having endless cardio sessions in the gym.
  • Fat loss and Weight loss is all about calories In and calories Out or calorie deficit.
  • FOCUS on strength training at least 3-4 a week, it burn more calories, it changes your body composition, it will grow your bum, it will make you look great and healthy.
  • Do Not eliminate carbs from your diet, you need them.
  • Drink at least 3-4l water a day, count the bottles, don’t guess it.
  • Eat more protein with EVERY MEAL.

Changes take time, you need to patience and consistence. Trust the process.

If you don’t know where to from ask someone for help. Don’t go crazy with diets and don’t start any diet which you can’t follow it for one year from now.


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Much love,

Selver xx