Protein Peanut Butter Cups

After I told you about my passion about Fitness, food comes next. I love food. Whenever I go somewhere I always plan my meals or I always do my research where I can get my food from. My cupboards are full of plastic boxes, any size. But that’s me and I like it.

So, here I’m sharing one of my Protein Peanut Butter Cups recipes. I will be honest here, it is the best thing I’ve ever created as a dessert.

All you need is:
– 2 x 100 Dark chocolate (you can use milk chocolate)
– 65-70g Peanut Butter (I used Meridian)
– a scoop of protein powder (I used PhD)
– vanilla essence
– paper or plastic cupcake molds

1. Melt one of the chocolates and spread it into the cupcake molds. Let it chill in the fridge.
2. Mix the peanut butter, protein powder, half cup of water and the vanilla essence.
3. Take out the chilled cupcake molds from the fridge and spread the peanut butter mix evenly.
4. Melt the other chocolate and pour at the top of the peanut butter mix.
5. Let it chill for 10-15 min and remove the cups from the molds.
6. Enjoy it.