Little tricks how to be better..

First month of the New Year has already gone.  /Thanks God!/ It’s been a long month.


What I have achieved in Jan’20?


I have decided something completely new, something different than training 1:1. But this will come alive later it’s not ready yet. I’m so excited to be honest. But you know good things happen slowly. J


No competing until July, which will be a challenge for me, as last year has been on full speed, but it was tough. Now, I need improve this physique and learn to rest.


Here is a little hint how to improve healthy lifestyle without compromising on food. Be more active, walk more. If you’ve doing 10k steps a day, try to reach 13-15k a day. That will increase your BMR and your body will burn more. And remember that walking is for free J


If you’ve ever wondered how much protein you should eat a day, here is how to calculate. Aim for 1.5g – 2g per body bodyweight.  For example, if your weight is 55kg, your ideal protein intake would be between 82.5g – 110g a day. Separate that into the number of your meals, let’s say 4 meals, you will aim for 25g – 30g of protein per meal.


Hope these two hacks help you win the second month of the year.