Lessons learnt in 2019

Last few hours of 2019, I am here to share few important lessons I’ve learnt this year and you never know…you might find yourself between these lines…


  • Health and Diet – if you don’t look after yourself no one will do it for you. No one cares that you are ill or you have a stomach bug. Take care of your health, because we live in a era that you can be replaced within few minutes.Make health your priority.  DIET – if you have been offered a piece of birthday in the office, you don’t need to eat it all or when you go out for drinks, you don’t need to drink like the world will end on the next day. Food and Alcohol will be always there, but your health……


  • Surround yourself with people who support you.


  • Learn to help others without expecting anything back.


  • Be fucking Grateful, there are homeless people sleep outside on the rain and they don’t complain about their situation but would be die to on your place. Gratitude!


  • Stop complaining. Find solutions.


  • Changing your fitness level and your body is a process that takes looong time. Learn to be patience.


  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your mistakes.


  • Create your own morning, daily routine. It will change your life.


  • Not everyone could be social famous. Not all of us are Naga Munchetty @bbcnaga … I don’t even know why picked her name, may be because I saw her profile on Instagram.So, yes, get o with your life.


  • Sleep. Recover. Gratitude. Make them your number 1 priority.

Live is Good, my friend!


Hope these lines here help you to build healthier and fitter 2020.


I have changed so many people’s life and I will continue doing it. Let’s not take health for granted and make exercise part of your life.



Much love,

Selver xx