How to split your workout routine…

How to split your workout…


So many people ask me how to split the training when they are in the gym.


The answer is: there is no right way or wrong to split your workout routine.

What important is your goal. You can train and focus on that part of your body that you would like to develop most.


I rarely train only one muscle group with my clients, most of the time I spend a good 30 min or 60 min focusing on full body workout.


Training a whole body for 45-60 min allows your body to give 100% on a particular muscle group and quicker recovery time. Let say your workout start with Lat Pull Down follows by Leg press, you can give all your energy on your back muscles and while your back muscles are recovering, you can now give 100% on your legs.


Same refers to aerobic and anaerobic system. Between weight training I always throw few high intense moves, such as box jumps or jump squats, bike sprints or sled push.


When it comes to my training, which things are slightly different comparing to my clients. I have different goal, which is to build more muscle mass or something that person with a normal lifestyle and a job 9 to 5 is not considering… My workout is split just like this:

  • Push day
  • Leg day
  • Pull Day
  • Leg day
  • Push day
  • Leg day


I train legs every other day, this is because legs are my weakest point.

When it comes to training, first discover your weakness and focus to improve them instead of focusing on which is the best Bro-Split.


Much love,

Selver xx