How to lose weight without losing your mind?

How to lose weight without losing your mind?


On this article I  want to share the most common question I get to asked on the gym floor and online: How to lose weight around my belly?


The first thing and the Golden rule is: Create a caloric deficit.


Eat less. Move more.


But I can hear you now saying: Yes, but I eat healthy and I can’t lose weight.


No. If you are not losing weight and you are saying that you are on a caloric deficit, realistically you are not.


  • Start tracking your food and you will be surprised how many extra calories you consume
  • Walk everyday 20-30 min. I’m not asking you to run on the treadmill or join a Spin class in your local gym, just walk after work or walk to work.
  • Replace your high carb breakfast to protein breakfast. Example: porridge with banana to Yogurt with fruits or Omelette.
  • You don’t need follow celebrity diets. Don’t forget that they get paid for this, its their only job J
  • Create yourself a Sustainable food regime, something that you will enjoy eating, but at the same time to match your goal.
  • Remember that weight loss could be difficult sometimes, you need to learn to say NO to cakes, biscuits or you need to learn to ay No to short term temptations.
  • You don’t need to find motivation to lose weight. Try to set yourself a high enough goals to keep you alert. Motivation doesn’t last.
  • Learn to be uncomfortable and try make better choices
  • Prepare your own food. It will save you money and calories.
  • Last but not least, you can always train with me and I will help you to change your life.


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