Don’t get fooled by the label!

All hear from people ‘I eat HEALTHY’ or ‘I eat gluten free’, but ‘it says Organic, it should be healthy’….

Not every food that says Organic is the healthiest options you can chose. Don’t get me wrong, it is better to buy Organic, but being Organic doesn’t change the macros and calories of the food or it doesn’t make the food calories free.

Try to read the label and see the fat, carbs and protein content. Same refers to the food you would pick up from the Free From section. If a food says ‘Gluten Free’ or everything free, that mean that have replaced these ingredients with something else, most of the time with more fat and sugar, just make it tasty.


Same refers to take away food. You have may be seen many places says ‘Protein Breakfast’ or ‘Protein Pot’ or ‘Protein wrap’… All these options contain protein, no one talks about the fat and carb content. Why? Just because they are full of sugar and fat for the same reason, to make them taste good and you can buy them again on the next day.


That’s another point I educate my clients at Fitness Reload (@fitnessreload) to read the label and stick to basic food or prepare their own food.

All my clients at Fitness Reload are aware of that and they have the flexibility to chose their own food.


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Much love,

Selver xx