Don’t be fooled by the label!

More often I hear people say ‘It’s says Healthy on it’ or ‘It says Organic’, or ‘It says Gluten Free’, etc….

Often you can over eat with heathy food and put on weight. Same refers to Organic and Gluten free food.

If it says Organic on the label, it doesn’t mean that this food is calorie free or fat free. Don’t get me wrong, Organic is always better to go for, but see the label, read the carb, fat and protein intake. Is it worth to pay that amount just because is organic or gluten free?

Most of the time if you pick up a food from FreeFrom section, have a look the label, you will see that these foods are really high in fat and carbs. In order a food to be a lactose free or gluten free, they need to extract it and replace it with something else, so the food could still taste good.


Same refers to all take away food options: ‘Protein breakfast’, ‘Protein Pot’, ‘Protein wrap’… They contain protein, but no one talks about the fat and sugar they contain. Why? Just because that food has to taste good so you can buy it tomorrow again.

This is what I educate all my clients at Fitness Reload (@fitnessreload). They are all aware what to eat when they are out or what to eat before and after training.

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Much love,

Selver xx