Body Confidence

Body Confidence



Exactly 7 years ago I was one of these people with extremely low self-confidence about my body. I was always thinking that being skinny what makes you happy. I was refusing wearing vests, because I didn’t like my arms, they were like piece of fat sausages ….. J


When I started my PT career I did believe that HIIT training is the best training to burn fat and I was avoiding doing weight training. But there was something more important I was skipping before I jumped into the conclusion that ‘Weight training makes you big’… DIET.


No matter I was training everyday in my local gym and eating broccoli and tuna for lunch, I was thinking that eating half a pack of biscuits for breakfast has no harm /only biscuits, nothing heavy/…. But I was damn wrong.


Once I went to watch a Fitness Modeling show and fall in love with the bodies of the stage…and said t myself: I want to look like this. Since then I started to count calories, macros and lifting weights. Only then I realized that small things like biscuits or piece of chocolate Do make a massive difference in your body shape. Day by day that adds up and we just get fat, not big because of the weights.


Today I’m still in love with weight training, with Body building, you call it however you like… Our body is so clever.


Imagine you buy yourself an expensive car like Ferrari, I guess you won’t use the cheapest fuel in the petrol station…? If you do, your car will break. Same with your body, feed your body with cheap food or quick fix pills, it will break.


Now, with all my experience and knowledge in the last 7 years, I try to educate women about food and weight training. Also, I’m trying to show my male clients that they need to leave their ego outside and trust a FEMALE trainer too.



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