A Day in my Macros

A day in my Macros


Today makes it exactly 5 weeks to the first photo shoot of the year. Am I excited? Hell YEAH!


Since my last comp 4th Nov’17, I haven’t been 100% with my macros, but for the last 3-4 weeks I’m so on it. It is difficult to switch your mind set, but this is what keep me awake and motivates me. This is wakes me up every morning at 4.30 to make my way to the gym and do my morning cardio before my first client.


I’m not planning to compete soon, as I planned to do. So, I had to find another goal to keep me in the game, this is where the idea for the photo shoot came from.


I will take you through my macros now. At the moment my daily calorie intake is pretty high (Horray!) which is:

1987kcal with Carbs: 207g, Protein: 184g, Fat: 37g


My 1st breakfast is usually Protein based: eggs and spinach. But sometimes I have it just before my Pre-workout meal (the best part of the day): Oats with Protein Powder. I have the carbs just before my workout, so I can use the energy from the carbs throughout the workout instead letting my body to store as a fat.


My Post-workout should be 30 min after I finish my training, another bowl of oats and protein or rice and protein (usually tuna).


For the rest of the day I have another 2 carb meals, which I have them the time I most active, not as a dinner:

  • Rice and Fish with greens
  • Sweet Potato and Fish and greens


My last meal is protein and green: Egg whites and Spinach or Fish and Mix vegetables.


Some days, I’m able to fit in my macros a Protein Bar (20g Carbs, 3g Fat and 17g Protein) or 30g Dark chocolate (my favorite is 100% Montezuma or 90% Lindth).


On leg days coach allows me to increase my Pre-workout carbs, which means bigger bowl of oats.


This is absolutely not on my meal plan: 15g Haribo… You all know these small bags of Haribo, which are only 15g and they only contain 11g of carbs… These little boys make me lift heavier. But I always log them in MyFitnessPal.


You can’t cheat o your diet, come on! Log it in.


And finally, water: 4l a day.


Much Love,

Selver xx