Weight Loss Key Points

11 Jan 2018

Already 11 days into the new year and I guess there are many people are struggling with getting rid of the Christmas extra indulgence.

Here are some key points you can take under consideration:

1. Cardio!!! January is busiest month of the year for every gym. We all know that. But what you don’t know and what you don’t possibly notice in January that every single treadmill and cross trainer is busy and people are waiting on the queue. The reason I said you don’t notice is you might be one of them, waiting for a free treadmill to burn the extra calories. There is nothing bad with that, but before you jump on the treadmill you might need to take care of your Nutrition.
Why not try doing some weight training, which will burn more calories than spending hours on the treadmill. Weight training will burn more calories, it will improve your body composition, it will increase the muscle mass and decrease the body fat, but it will NOT make you look bulky. The only thing that will make you bulky is your DIET. Eating unnecessary calories.

2. Diet and calories – start counting calories. Weight loss is about calories in and calories out. You need to be on a calorie deficit to lose weight, i.e. you need to less than you burn or you need to burn more than you eat. The easiest way to do this is start increasing your Protein level during the day, start your day with protein breakfast (a toast with scrambled eggs or yogurt with blueberries).
Watch out your fat intake. You don’t need to eat a whole avocado a day just because is healthy fat. Fat is fat. Start tracking your Macros: Protein, Carbs and Fat a day. If you don’t know how to calculate them, there are many macro calculators online, but make sure when you set a weight loss goal that is realistic goal. My advice is do not try a diet that your colleague advises you. Ask a professional, have a coach to guide you, someone you can trust and someone who can guide you. Trust me, it will be the best investment in your life, because it is your health and what is more important than your health….?

3. Hydration – drink enough water a day, just water (not teas, coffees, soft drinks, juices…). Carry a big bottle of water with all the time to remind you that you need to drink water. Try to reach at least 3l a day, it will change your life, trust me.

4. Carbs – do not be afraid to eat carbs. Our body needs carbs to survive, they are a really good source of energy. The lack of carbs or even lack fat on your diet will get you to a hormonal disbalance, which is not great. You will start being moody or hangry as it called. Especially if your training involves weight training. You will need that energy from the carbs to be able to lift weights. But again make sure you don’t go above your daily intake of carbs. The more you go above your daily intake of carbs, the more your body will keep it as an extra in your body or will stare it as a fat.

5. Walk – instead spending hours on the treadmill have a walk 20-30 min a day, if you can make twice, that’s great.

6. Sleep – sleep is really important when it comes to weight loss. Lack of sleep affects two main hormones in our body: Letpin and Ghrelin or the hormones that control our hunger and fullness. Leptin sends ‘you are full’ signals to the brain, but when you are lack of sleep, your brain reduces these signals and increases ghrelin, which is our appetite stimulant hormone. Which also explains midnight snacking or overeating at dinner time.

Hope these keys point would help with achieving your weight loss goal.
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Much love,
Selver xx