Real me

Merry Christmas everyone!

Probably you’ve seen my photo, which I shared on my social media few days ago.


So, that girl on the left is me every day. I eat, I train, I enjoy life. I can’t be bothered to check my six pack, because there are way more important things in life than six pack. But there is one thing I’m bothered is the size of my legs and glutes. You might already know about my passion for building legs and glutes, this is something I’m trying to improve every other day.


My clients are my biggest inspiration, not the girls you see on social media half naked. There is something about social media is that many of the pictured are not even real. People like to share their old photo shoot pictures, there is nothing bad about it. I do it all the time, but sometimes people don’t show their real personality.


I’m not ashamed of my current condition, because there is no better feeling of this to feel strong, to feel happy, but not miserable.


I’m not a sponsored athlete, because I don’t have 1000s of fake followers on my social media accounts, but I have genuine 3000 followers on my Instagram account and 330 on my Facebook page. If I can reach 3300 people and if I can share my passion with them, what else I can ask for.


You see the picture, the girl on right is me, but I look like that only once a year, sometime twice, because it helps me to measure my discipline.


Remember to be happy with what you are doing. If your fitness journey makes you miserable, you better ask for help. It is not an easy journey, but you have to enjoy it.


Till next time,


Much love xx

Selver x