7 Tips to Get Your Body Ready For the Beach

Here are my 7 tips to help you get ready for the beach.


  1. Start tracking your food – use MyFitnessPal or any other food tracking app.But when I say track your food, means Everything. Don’t hide anything, because your ‘guilt free snack can contain more than 400 kcal.
  2. Start introducing morning walk or little run for 20 min, make it a habit, listen to a podcast or an audiobook.
  3. Don’t be afraid of eating carbs, but make sure you consume them before and after your workout, so your body can utilize them as a fuel.
  4. When workout at the gym, give your 100% on every rep you do, don’t cheat on your reps.
  5. Increase your activity out of the gym, walk 10-15 min more after your workout, take the stairs, set yourself a step target a day, try to reach it every day without failing.
  6. Drink water. Carry a bottle of water with everywhere so you don’t forget to drink.
  7. Eat plenty of vegetables, every meal should contain a good amount of protein and vegetables and a good source of healthy fats.


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