5 Reasons you need a coach/personal trainer

Confidence looks better in a healthy looking body.

5 Reasons Why do you need a coach/personal trainer?


I will keep this short, because it is sad hearing people around me saying: No, I don’t need a Personal Trainer or a Coach.


So many people at the gym don’t know what they are doing, fair enough. But what interesting is, exactly these people have massive EGO and all the knowledge in the world and they don’t see any results or the results are minimum.

Everyday I watch them what they do, lifting the heaviest weights on the gym floor…. Still NO GainZ!

Why they don’t grow and why these glutes are not changing?

  1. People think that know better than everyone else, but reality is that there is so much more to learn from others with more experience
  2. Watching and copying videos from social media might not be right for your fitness goal, ask someone who knows better human’s physiology
  3. Nutrition is a key, eating healthy sounds simply, but it’s not. Ask someone who has more knowledge about nutrition and direct you. You will be surprised how wrong you were going with your eating habits
  4. Learn how to perform correctly exercises for better results and less injury. Ask someone who is performing better and have more knowledge. If you don’t ask, you will never know.
  5. Why don’t you let someone to take care of you, to take care of your health? There is no better investment in this life than your health.


Confidence looks better in a healthy looking body.


Much love,

Selver xx