4 ways to improve your Legs and Glutes workout

Legs and Glutes Building Keys


Everyone wants to have big glutes and nicely defined legs, but do we know the key approaches of building legs and glutes?

I had the privilege to work with one of the best glute builders in the industry and I’ve learnt a lot. The person who got me hooked to the resistance band (I can’t imagine training clients without it now) Cem Eren and now working with Charlie Garforth who is awesome coach.


I’m sharing few of the key techniques I’ve learnt and used to build my glutes and legs:


  • Key 1 – of course is lifting weights. Your aim will be to lift heavier each week if possible. Because building muscle is an anabolic process or ‘build up’. You need to break down the fibre muscle.


  • Key 2 – Combining exercises. If you superset two moves, make sure one is lengthening the muscle (squats, deadlift, lunges) and the other one is shortening the muscle (single hip thrust, glute shock squeeze, abduction with the band, glute bridge, kettle bell swings)

    • Key 3 – Train your in different planes (or directions) – Coronal plane (back luges, courtesy lunges) and Sagittal plane (side lunges, skater, side step ups).

  • Key 4 – Include power moves – box jumps, speed lunges, skaters.


These are few key point you can start doing in your leg routine. It will make massive difference.


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