3 Reasons Why Carbs are good and When to eat them?

There is a belief that Carbs are BAD for or often people say ‘These are Good Carbs’ or ‘These are Bad Carb’…

Carbs are nor bad for you! Our body needs energy to function properly, like imagine driving a car and you don’t have a fuel. Carbs a fuel for your body. All Fitness Reload clients have very good relationship with carbs, because I educate them about nutrition and how to lift weight and build great legs and bums.

If you go to my instagram account @fitnessreload, you will see all Fitness Reload clients rocking the weights, including myself Selver. You will see all these videos which I record during my training session almost everyday at my work place The Bankside Health Club in  London. If you wan to be part of Fitness Reload or have 1:1 session with myself, Selver in London, message me and I will be happy to educate to eat more and lift heavy.


3 Reasons to eat more carbs:

  • 1 – your body needs energy: energy to lift weight, to move around or run
  • 2 – if you don’t want to be that ‘moody’ person in the office, get more carbs in your diet. Eat more potatoes, rice, more and more vegetables
  • 3 – who on Earth doesn’t like the smell of fresh baked bread? Who doesn’t like bread? Why would you stop eating bread?

Many people ask me on instagram @fitnessreload when is the best time eat carbs?

If you are training, the best time is before and after your workout, so help your body recover. Or, you can have them of that time of the day when you are most active.

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Much love,

Selver xx