11 Years Being Immigrant

11 Years Ago…⬇️⬇️
11 years ago on this day it was my first time flying with a plane. I had only one suitcase and £200 in my pocket, they were from my mum’s savings.
No English at all.
I landed in Wales and I worked there as a housekeeper in a hotel. Basically, I was cleaning toilets. You can imagine how many sh*t I have seen for this time. I didn’t complain even once…that my choice.
A year later came to London. Worked in hospitality. Not so bad, 14h shits every day, but I wasn’t cleaning toilets anymore.
4 years later I had two part time jobs: a PT and I was working as a housekeeper for a great family. During this time I finished college and graduated…
5 years later I’ve started to work in my current gym, where I met the most wonderful team.
11 years later I run my own little business. Live in one of the best places in the city. … and fighting Corona Virus crisis. 🤦🏻‍♀️
🆘I have already been in a situation like this before: closed shops, no food or we had queue to buy bread for few hours. It’s not new to me, but the only difference is that time we had no money. But life teaches you.
📌On the good side: I have a closet full of trainers, which I’ve never had when I was younger. I traveled to places where I’ve never thought I could go.
📌Lessons learnt in these 11 years:
📍Don’t trust anyone.
📍No one cares about your problems.
📍If you want something, go and get it.
🔐One of the reasons people say that I am a ‘cold’ person is because of what I have been through and I don’t let many people in to my life.
🧲Grateful for everything that comes into my life.
In this negative time, learn to be positive.
📍Action always beats meditation 📍