Why my clients are not slave to the scales?

Why my clients change their body without being slave to the scales?


Being in the Fitness industry for 5 years now, has taught me a lot. I have worked with many people with different background, with different goals, with different body composition. There is one thing I have managed to teach my clients:

Do Not be Slave to the scales. Progression is not measured by number on the scale, but by the person who you are today. How far you’ve come since your first day at the gym up to day.


There are few key points I make sure I deliver to my clients:

  • Educate them – I educate my clients about nutrition, about weight training, how and when to do their measurement.
  • Train them – I make sure when my clients leave the gym floor they feel like they’ve done a great workout, not just a workout
  • Understand them– I understand my client’s needs and train them prior their goal, not my goal.
  • Talk to them – I talk to my clients, I don’t shout to them. At the end of the day I’m their Personal Trainer, not a monster.


Once I tick all these boxes, everything settles. I built trust with them, as I’m always one text message away to help them.


So, make sure your Personal Trainer educates you first. Ask questions if you are in doubt. And most important, trust your PT.


Much love,

Selver xx

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