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About Selver

As a Fitness professional, my driving factor is to change people’s lives through fitness and lifting weights, and make them feel comfortable in their own skin, as I did to my own. I’m a massive supporter for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

I’m proud to say that I have helped many women and changed their lifestyle only by introducing them to weight training, also I showed them how to train at home without any equipment, on their own comfort.

In 2009 I have moved to UK where I have tried to fit in to a new culture and faced different challenges. Few years later, fitness has changed my life. I’ve started my fitness journey and competing has become my passion. I had the privilege to work with few of the best coaches in the fitness industry, which helped me to raise my own bar and aim higher.

Begin your fitness journey today, don’t leave it for tomorrow. Discover how strong you are and what your body can achieve. Because everyone deserves to feel better in their own skin.

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Packages & Services

My mission as Personal Trainer is to help people to get back in driver's seat and once again take charge of their own wellbeing. Choose a Package to get started.

ONLINE personalized 4 weeks program

  • It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live, you can still get your 4 weeks program designed to reach your needs and change your lifestyle. That includes 45 min online meeting that gives you a clear vision of every single exercise.

GLUTES & LEGS 4 weeks program

  • It is not difficult to get those dream legs and glutes. You are only one step away to transform your leg routine. This program is designed for those who like to push their limits, also incudes 45 min online meeting that gives you a clear vision of every single exercise.

PERSONAL training session (based in London)

  • If you live in London and you need help to change your lifestyle, what better opportunity than this. Come and see me face to face and choose any of my affordable packages.


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