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Let me help you to build your dream legs and glutes and change your lifestyle.

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What I Can Do for You

Did you know that 92% of any gym members can not achieve the results they want? Check out what I can do for you to change your lifestyle

  • Personal Training Sessions

    Are you ready to drive your fitness level forward through specifically designed program. You can choose:

    1:1 Personal Training session - 60min
    1:1 Personal Training session - 30 min

  • Book a FREE 20 min online consultation

    Let’s talk about your goal, your lifestyle and discuss how can I help to change your daily routine.

  • Unlimited Motivation Support

    Clarify what is holding you back from reaching your goal and remove it.

    Make your goals come true. Motivation advice to empower and transform your lifestyle.

  • Nutrition

    Professional guidance to help you change your eating habits.

    Make it a life style, not a diet!

  • Online Personal

    Specifically tailored program to accelerate personal success, including once a week visual online conversation.

    Will be supported with unlimited nutrition and motivation support

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Fat loss

The level of this program is Beginners to Intermediate or for everyone who is ready to get their heart rate fixed and step out of their comfort zone. All exercises are proven and tested by my clients and myself. They have achieved phenomenal results, combined with great nutrition.

Upper body strength

This program is designed to intermediate level. For everyone who is familiar with gym equipment. 4 weeks only upper body strength, all exercises are tested by myself and showed real results.

Bodyweight challenge

This program is for everyone who would like to test their heart rate in the comfort of their home. You don’t need huge space to get your heart rate fixed; all you need is yourself, motivation and a bottle of water.

*You are solely responsible using any equipment on your choice that includes choosing the weight of the equipment, if you in any doubt how to correctly operate any of the equipment or how to perform an exercise in my program, you must consult with me or any professional near you before using the equipment or performing an exercise. You warrant and represent that you are in a good physical condition and you are capable of engaging in active and passive exercise and that such exercise will not be detrimental for your health, safety, comfort or physical conditional

If You Don't Achieve the Results You
Have Been Promised, Your Money Will Be 100% Refunded With No Hassle

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Packages & Services

My mission as Personal Trainer is to help people to get back in driver's seat and once again take charge of their own wellbeing. Choose a Package to get started.

ONLINE personalized 4 weeks program

  • It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live, you can still get your 4 weeks program designed to reach your needs and change your lifestyle. That includes 45 min online meeting that gives you a clear vision of every single exercise.

GLUTES & LEGS 4 weeks program

  • It is not difficult to get those dream legs and glutes. You are only one step away to transform your leg routine. This program is designed for those who like to push their limits, also incudes 45 min online meeting that gives you a clear vision of every single exercise.

PERSONAL training session (based in London)

  • If you live in London and you need help to change your lifestyle, what better opportunity than this. Come and see me face to face and choose any of my affordable packages.
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    Every month I choose one person who will win 1h Personal training session (if you live in London) or a personalized program. To see who is the winner, follow my Instagram account: @fitnessreload

About Selver

As a qualified Master Trainer and Lifestyle Coach through European Institute of Fitness based at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, my driving factor is to inspire others to change!

My aim is to support people in their active lives, educate and help them to realise that exercise can be enjoyable and it does not have to be a chore.

Constantly motivate and coach people to help them believe that they can achieve their goals, whether be to lose weight or increase their general fitness and improve their lifestyle.

I am a Fitness Competitor and Fitness is my life. Driven by my passion to become a better version of myself, I have started to compete as a Bikini Competitor.

I had the pleasure to compete in different federation and I found that the stage was the best place to display my best condition and all the hard work. It took some time to find the right federation, but now I’m proud to compete for UK Ultimate Physiques and Pure Elite Estonia.

Now I share my passion with all my clients and every one who is ready to change their lifestyle.

Come and join my journey!


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